A bit about me and why I decided to make this blog

First off, I am glad you are here. My name is Patrick and spreading the word about the importance of mobile marketing has become my passion. A lot of new and old businesses tend to struggle, or even fail, if they don’t use proper marketing. In today’s world it is absolutely vital that a company utilise all the latest in marketing to help their business not only survive, but thrive as well.

Part of why I am so adamant about mobile marketing is because I know what it is like to try and have a small business competing in the local market. Even when your customers are in the town around you, brick built stores still need an online presence and a grasp on the mobile market even more. My attempt at traditional store front did not last long, and what I learned from my trials I want to help pass on to others.

From my learning, I found out that having a mobile connection is vital to 37% of shoppers who make in store purchases, only after they have used their mobile device help them prepare for shopping. That is a pretty large bite of the market and if your business doesn’t have a bit, the missing sales can add up rather quickly. Shoppers have also expressed in survey that they want mobile interaction with the store, such as exclusive deals made available while there. It is facts such as these that I wish I had known and would like others to know, before, or so they can stop loosing out.