10 Tips to optimise your website for the mobile market

mobile websiteWhen it comes to getting the most out of a website for a business it is best to have two versions of it. Your main site will be the fully loaded and in depth display of your business, while the second will be a trimmed down version that is friendly for mobile users, no matter what phone system they are using. The following tips will help create the guideline to use when creating the mobile version of your company’s website.

You want to consider this video first from Google, to help you understand why mobile users should not be neglected:

Tip #1: Avoid using flash or java to reach both iPhone and Android users.

You may have an excellent and interactive site that uses things like Adobe Flash or Java, which can be great, but will not work for mobile users. There is a large shard of the mobile market that uses iPhones and they are not compatible with Flash of Java. You would not want to be unable to reach those users for the sake of decoration.

Tip #2: Make sure you use responsive coding to make it adapt to different devices.

Whether your site is based off of available themes or is built from scratch by a professional, you need to make use of responsive coding. It is simply the programming that detects what sort of device is accessing the website and adapts the displayed page to fit. If you’ve ever visited a website on a phone and the page is filled with microscopic text, it is an example of responsive programming.

Tip #3: Keep your mobile content simple.

Just as you want to avoid over complicated or incompatible programming, you also want to keep your content simple and to the point. You don’t want a lot of texts or large images trying to get crammed into a small screen. Keep your mobile content succinct.

Tip #4: Use sources like Instagram for already formatted images for mobile.

If your site typically has a lot of photographs, or simply want to include more pictures in the mobile version, using Instagram to store and access them is a convenient way to already have them optimized for mobile display.

Tip #5: Keep the site secure for yourself and customers.

Be sure that on your end you keep security in mind by frequently changing administrator passwords. For the customers, make sure the sites security certificates and encryption are up to date and compatible with mobile devices. They should have a sense of security for purchases that they would have in person.

Tip #6: Frequently test before and after release to make sure it stays compatible.

Even when using the most up to date software things may not always run smoothly. Technology is always being updated and repaired, which can in turn affect previous settings that worked before. Access the mobile site before release and on a regular basis afterward to make sure that it remains adaptive and functional. You can even use emulator software to test how it appears on devices you don’t have access too.

Tip #7: Use automatic redirection to help mobile users view the best version of the site.

Trying to view a company’s website that is not optimized for mobile can be near impossible on smaller screens, so just having a link to the mobile version is not effective. Using coding that either automatically redirects them to the mobile version, or prompts them to switch is crucial.

Tip #8: Capture mobile users feedback if they switch to the regular site on their device.

Programs like Qualaroo can help capture mobile feedback and help answer questions regarding the user’s choice to either switch back to the standard website or decline viewing the mobile version.

Tip #9: When planning the mobile website, use a similar sized sheet of paper for sketching.

If you are unsure how to begin planning a mobile website start with a sheet of paper and draw out the dimensions of mobile device screens. Phones in particular can vary quite a bit in how tall and wide they are. Using a larger layout and then scaling down can produce less effective results. Design in a smaller space for a better grasp on what the finished product should look like.

Tip #10: Do research and emulate the most effective and popular themes for your own business.

When you first begin to plan your mobile website, do some research and browse the mobile website of other companies. Knowing what you are competing against, or what is most popular among users can help you create a more effective mobile site.

Top Ten Tips on Being Productive, Plus One!

productive tipsIn a world where we are expected to accomplish so much it can seem increasingly difficult to get everything done. Not only do we have our professional obligations, but also those to our friends, families, and personal well being. So, with so much needing to be done on a daily basis, what can you do to stay ahead of the curve and remain as productive as possible? These ten tips will get you on the right track. The bonus tip, listed at the end, is the most important of them all.

Get Some Good Sleep!

With so much to do there is a possibility that you will be tempted to stay up late or wake up earlier than usual. Sacrificing sleep to get more things done is going to work against you. When deprived of sleep we’re more irritable, dull, and prone to making mistakes. Be sure to prioritize a solid eight hours of sleep over all other items on your “to-do” list. By getting enough sleep you’ll be sharp, full of energy, and capable of getting through everything you need to do with ease.

Keep a Calendar

The biggest problem for those trying to stay productive is that they fail to keep a detailed calendar. Don’t treat your calendar like a to-do list, though. You have to honour appointments on your calendar with absolute reverence. Only put appointments on your calendar that you can’t and won’t reschedule or skip and stick to it with absolute discipline.

Keep a To-Do List

We clutter our brains with all of the things we want and need to do. This causes unnecessary stress, which ultimately leads to a lack of productivity. Keep everything you want and need to do on a list, and you won’t need to worry about remembering (or forgetting) them!

Carry a Small Notepad

As we go through our days we constantly come up with new things we need to do. By keeping a notepad handy you can easily jot them all down. When you have a chance, add these things to your official calendar or to-do list.

Perform a Weekly “Brain-Dump”

Schedule time over the weekend to perform a “brain-dump.” This is an opportunity for you to think about everything that you want to get done and add it to your calendar or to-do list. Again, by keeping these things written down you’ll minimize the amount of energy dedicated to remembering them, eliminate stress, and find yourself more productive.

Perform a Weekly Review

At the same time you perform your brain-dump take an opportunity to review your calendar and tasks. Eliminate the things that you no longer need to do. Eliminate things that you realize are or were a bad idea.

Prioritize Your Tasks and Projects

At the same time you’re performing your weekly review take some time to prioritize all of your tasks. Last week it may have seemed really important to call the florist for a quote on a bouquet, but in light of new responsibilities it may need to take a back seat.

Delegate Tasks

If there are things on your list that can or should be done by others, then be sure to delegate those tasks. It’s not always possible to do this, but when it is, it will take things off of your plate, allowing you to focus on more important things.

Eliminate Unnecessary Consumption of Media

We spend a lot of time in front of the television, reading magazines and blogs, and other forms of media that don’t contribute to our productivity. By minimizing the time you spend consuming media that doesn’t provide a positive impact on your life and productivity, you’ll not only have more time to get things done, but you’ll also have less negativity bouncing around in your brain. With the extra time and lack of negativity, you’ll whisk through your to-do list like it’s nothing.

Take Some Time to Relax

This is one of the most important tips you’ll ever get on staying productive. Take some time to just sit back, relax, and enjoy your life. It’s good for you in a number of ways, but it will allow you to centre your mind and stay focused. Schedule relaxation times on your calendar and add items to your to-do list that will help, too.

Bonus Tip: Learn to Say No!

If you’re like most people you find it difficult to say no to favours. By learning to say no you’ll minimize the amount of work you’re personally responsible for, and you’ll be far more likely to get everything done.

Why you should never take mobile users for granted

Smartphone and MoneyIgnoring the mobile market can be as bad as not putting a sign out for the store front. A significant number of shoppers use their mobile device to locate stores, find deals, and even pre-purchase items for pick up from their phone or tablet. In surveys that have been conducted by large research and marketing firms, Joe Public has conveyed a desire for stores to tie mobile interaction with their in person experience. Shoppers would be more inclined to stay longer and make purchases if they had personalised promotions sent or even just available on their phone while in store.

Stores should not only pay attention to mobile users

They should also make open wireless more available for them while in store. Less than a third of retailers with multiple locations in central London have free Wi-Fi for their customers. Not only is it easy to set up has minimal to no impact on an already vital service that the store should already have, it is a huge boost for marketing. Not only will shoppers take more notice of locations that offer free Wi-Fi, but it allows most to more easily browse for deals and offers that make them tend to spend more while there. Combining easy access to your store’s mobile site and offering exclusive deals and content through them help encourage sales and customer loyalty, according to the surveys as well. Mobile users say they feel more connected and invited to stores when they get special deal alerts from them.

How to stay sharp and come up with great marketing ideas

make a good cup of coffeeDuring your next brainstorming session on how to improve your current marketing strategy of fix what might be missing, you may reach for a familiar cup of coffee that has a well known starry logo. In your hand, aside from being a pick-me-up, can be inspiration. Starbuck’s is one of the leading companies when it comes to making to most of up to date marketing techniques and have thrived because of it. Known all over the world, their methods have been proven quite successful.

How do they do it?

They embraced social media for starters. Being one of the first big corporations to dive into all the emerging forms of social networking, they make use of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and so on. If it is a popular social site, chances are they are using it. And, they don’t just flood the market with repetitive ads and junk messages. They use them as a way to advertise and connect with their customers and critics. The biggest keys to using today’s social media is to turn the cold notion of business into a personable entity. By posting pictures and messages along with their followers they seem like a familiar face and encourage continued business. By utilising all of today’s mobile and online marketing strategies effectively, they have created a secure niche for themselves.

Applying the same manner of marketing to your business.

Embracing the changing shape of the consumer’s market is the first step in keeping ahead of the game. Before the internet boomed and turned into a global community, advertising relied on television and newspapers. However, as the possibility of not only communicating online became a more common form of staying connected, the idea of shopping online blossomed as well. From simple, small businesses, to large booming tycoons of trade like Amazon, any business that wants to keep up with the world has to be online. With the continuing advances and introduction of making the web as mobile as the user, marketing has needed to evolve again. Using not only connectivity but mobility as key points, marketing needs to be able to reach people, wherever they are.

Using your marketing to also gain feedback is another important way to stay sharp.

Not only should you use social media to grow your brand and keep consumers in touch with what you have to offer, you should also use it as a means for criticism. Invite people to tell you what they think of not just your products but your marketing as well. People will tell you if you are pushing too many ads or if you are hard to track down online. Using customer feedback is vital to adapting, and it is also cheaper than having to rely on professional evaluation services to tell you where you are going wrong. There are millions of people who enjoy shopping online, then there are some who almost exclusively shop online, and getting all of their opinions and experience feedback can go a long way in pinpointing issues with your current marketing strategy.

Using your mobile to power a quadcopter

quadcopterRising in popularity and at times controversy, quadcopter drones are gaining a lot of attention. Of the brands available, Parrot drones are being looked at by a lot of remote enthusiast and businesses. They have a line of land drones and quadcopter drones that can range from full scale to mini, and all have the capacity to be controlled using an application on your phone or other mobile device.

Uses for drones, outside for sheer fun

For the hobby lover, drones can be a source of delight. Controlling an advanced and tiny machine as it traverses the land and skies can be a thrill. These more advanced drones and copters have begun to open up the possibilities of taking recreation and using it for business. Imagine a world where small deliveries and even post was done with the help of automated drones. The programs and features that allow them to be linked and controlled by mobile devices is also a gateway to programming routines and automated controls that would allow small fleets to perform simple tasks.

With the ever expanding field of technology and programming some companies have begun to dabble with the idea of creating massively mapped routes, either using existing work or creating new maps in conjunction with drones for delivery systems. Outside of business and personal use, the first sector to begin producing and working with miniature drones was the military and military corporations. Their compact size and excellent video capabilities make them perfect for reconnaissance.

Popular flying models that can be controlled with your phone

The Parrot AR with out of the box Wi-Fi can be easily synced within minutes to a device with the appropriate application. Programmed controls and settings allow for the user to instantly start flying the drone until they get more comfortable with it. There are also pre-set modes for help with using one of its biggest features, the camera. Able to take still and video, it streams the images in high definition back to the device as part of its controlling component. The drone becomes your eyes in the sky and you can take breathtaking pictures like never before. Built in hovering and angling modes can also be ideal for the amateur and aspiring film maker in creating their next masterpiece.

The Rolling Mini Spider drone is both versatile for ground level and full flight fun. It has two large wheels that are removable and comes with easy to use programs for amazing acrobatics. As with the other drone models, it comes with a camera for unique picture taking opportunities. The standard paint job includes a wicked grin that embodies the sort of fun and less practical applications for the model.

Aside from flying models, there are also ground based drones. The Parrot line of Jumping Sumo drones are bi-wheeled drones that can traverse a multitude of terrains and be used for unique ground level footage line never before. It is also more conspicuous than some flying models, which makes it great for surprise photography.

Choosing the best fitness app for your phone

fitnes appsThere are hundreds, if not thousands, of fitness apps for your mobile phone. From tracking your walk/run or rowing machine workout, to helping create a motivational playlist based off your library, they can be pretty useful. Most commonly they are simply programs that offer advice, references, and workout instruction. While these are very useful, the best sort of fitness application to use with your phone is one that is part of a system.

The Fitbit Flex is useful for more than just typical fitness.

Priced around £80, the Fitbit Flex has gained quite a widespread reputation for being one of the best fitness assisting devices. Paired with an application that you can use on your mobile and other computing devices, it tracks all the basic information such as steps taken and calories burned. However, aside from also monitoring heart rate, it can monitor sleeping patterns and be used as a silent alarm that uses vibrations timed to wake you at the optimal point. It has a sleek surface design that lacks even a simple screen display so it can be comfortably and discretely worn for long periods of time.

Not to be left out of the market, Nike also has a similar product.

The Nike Fuel + retails around £130 and is a stylish alternative to other fitness bands. It more precisely tracks factors beyond just steps. Through the use of programmable sessions and an accelerometer, it can more accurately help you track how many calories you’ve burned and how hard you worked. Its display can double as a digital watch, so it can replace that piece of jewelry without adding to limited wrist space. One of its unique features is how it pairs with a mobile application to not only give detailed reporting, but in conjunction with a colored gauge, uses a rewards system to motivate.

A competitor against the Fitbit and Nike Fuel is the Jawbone UP.

More similar in design to the Fitbit, it has no display and looks like a peculiar bracelet that wraps around your wrist. Priced at a competitive £ 100 it is more popular in some fitness communities than others. Despite not being as well dispersed in Europe, the Jawbone UP has all the same features at the other bands, plus has even more detailed sleep tracking and reporting through the accompanying mobile app. It also allows you to input meal information and establish goals that you track with the device’s input. Not only that, but its data can be used with other fitness application as well, making it quite versatile.

The JayBird is not your typical fitness assisting device.

There are a variety of fitness apps that act like Djs and create a playlist from your library. The Jaybird Sportsband 2 takes music for working out to the next level. Priced at £70, it is a Bluetooth headset that links to your phone for solid connection to your workout tunes. Designed to be lightweight and keep securely fit, it stays in place without cumbersome wires. Controls featured on the side allow for easy use and it even doubles as a hands free for taking phone calls. One of its cosmetic qualities is the variety of simple colors that it is available in, making it both very functional and stylish.

Withings Smart Body Analyser does more than just measure weight.

Deceptively looking like nothing more than a bathroom scale, the Withings Smart Body Analyser does much more when paired with its mobile application. Retailing for a hefty £ 130, it also monitors heart rate and even takes a measure of the air quality.

Another Withings fitness combination is the Withings Smart Blood Pressure monitor.

Priced around £80, this is a pretty simple and straightforward fitness device. Combined with a mobile application, it is essentially a blood pressure cuff that is controlled by the phone via a connecting cord. The application records and tracks your blood pressure readings and can keep separate profiles for everyone in the family.

For the avid runner, there is the Zephyr HxM Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor.

Retailing at £80, it is a simple and straightforward device. Mounted to the chest with included straps, it uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your phone. It measures heart rate, distance, speed, and monitors the intensity of the run or workout session. Unlike other device and application systems, the Zephyr’s data is compatible with multiple fitness mobile applications, so it makes a great add on if you have been using just an app.

What is the best DJ application for your phone?

DJ Phone AppMusic has the ability to move people of all ages and backgrounds. In clubs and at events, one of the most critical components is the DJ. When it comes to picking the best mobile DJ app it comes down to a few key factors. The cost, the availability, and if it is stand alone or part of a larger system. There are a lot of applications to try and choose from, and depending on if you want to casually or professionally DJ, the right application can make all the difference in the world.

For the casual DJ or even small time professional.

If you just like mixing the beats for small parties among friends and family, there is little point in looking for one of the larger paid applications. That being said, a small investment of around £13.99 will get you Algoriddim’s Djay program for use with Apple’s Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices. It comes with a lot of popular features and like most programs, allows you to directly pull from your iTunes account for mixing tracks.

For both PC and Mac based users, which includes both iPhone and Android devices, DjiT’s Edjing -DJ Music Mixer Studio is the best choice. It is one of the top ranked mobile apps in the Google Play store and can also be used in conjunction with other computing devices. For performance and versatility, it is hands down one of the most popular mobile DJ applications available. It has a lot of the features that larger scale programs may have in a more streamlined display. Its controls are also designed for the beginner and advanced alike. The only other free application out there that could match it for performance and features would be MIXX. Although MIXX as of yet, is not available in a mobile form.

The top paid program for the large scale professional DJ.

The market for paid applications that act as singular or paired programs can be quite large and tedious to navigate. If you use Apple products then hands down Traktor Pro DJ applications are the way to go. They have become a standard in the DJ business across the world. They have programs that can be run from and synced with tablets, phones, and home computing systems that are perfect for the DJ who operates on a large professional scale. Updated support that comes with the software also guarantees the beats keep flowing as technology advances.

What makes Traktor Pro Dj the best?

Depending what you need for your software and mobile controls, they have products that range from around £ 60 to £ 500. The tandem mobile applications put the full power of their products at your figure tips and can turn a tablet into a virtual turntable that far surpasses what a traditional system can produce. Used all over the world, they are a leader in not just physical hardware, but have kept up and set standards for what a mobile application should have.